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Goodbye handouts, hello new world.

Put your physical therapy practice in every patient's pocket. Deliver your home exercises via video.

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Win New Patients

Win New Patients

A home exercise handout has words, sketches and sometimes scribbles. But an exercise plan should do much more. It should help build your relationships with patients and bring your practice to life while highlighting your expertise. Patients should be able to share it with one click. A home exercise program can build the highest quality impression of your practice when you utilize the Swash & Buckler digital platform.Learn More
Turn Your Marketing Into A Pleasure

Build Your Brand

We believe caring for your patients is the seed of a growing practice. We create a custom video library of your home exercises that features you and your staff, fueling patients’ understanding, motivation and results. The material can be replayed and reabsorbed as often as patients like, each time reconnecting with you. By capturing what you do best, you are building your business’ future.Learn More
Give Your Efficiency A Boost

Boost Efficiency

Once your library has been built, create a patient’s plan by making your video selections within the Swash & Buckler web-based application. Each patient will receive their video prescription including all the needed rep and set information as well as special comments from their therapist. Lost handouts are no more. Patients won’t wonder, “Am I doing this right?” The plan will be in their inbox before they are out the door.Learn More

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