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Swash & Buckler offers an elegant tool to use in your practice. Sending a plan to a patient takes less than three minutes and it's just plain fun to use. Sign in to the application and send from any computer, inside the practice or out.

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Katie, therapist

Our practice is more efficient now. Especially the updating of exercises has really changed. It is much easier than asking patients to bring in their paper handouts and have us update them by hand.

Keep your patients company

Your patients receive a personalized exercise plan that is optimized for ease of use. Selecting an exercise you have prescribed leads straight to your video instructions.

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More ways to extend your brand


Customize the wording for your patient email so it reflects your practice and its values. We will send it straight from your company email address so patients instantly recognize their plan is from you.


For your smartphone users, Swash & Buckler creates a custom app icon utilizing your logo and brand identity that patients use to zip directly to their exercises.

contact us

On the patient's personalized exercise page, include your address as well as your phone number so your practice can be contacted directly if there are questions.

Pricing with a positive ROI

Swash & Buckler is designed as an investment in your practice that increases your referral and return rates while stimulating efficiency, not an additional cost on your business. An account is $270 per month. In a typical practice, just one new patient every 3 months results in a positive return on your investment. Custom libraries start at $1,500 for up to 50 videos.

Serious about HIPAA security

  • We take your security and the privacy of your patients seriously. And we do it without sacrificing convenience or ease of use.
  • We monitor every transaction that contains protected health information. Patients’ information is stored using 256 bit cryptographic keys and Advanced Encryption Standard.
  • Our servers are HIPAA compliant. All protected communication between you and your patients is transmitted over Transport Layer Security. We collect a minimum of patient information. Only you and your patients have direct access. Multiple layers of security ensures no one failure compromises your data.
  • We put our commitment in writing with a business associate agreement between Swash & Buckler and each of our practices. Security is as important to us as it is to you.

Dave, patient

This is a great value added service. The direct link is on my iPhone and I can watch my favorite PT crew in action any time I need refreshing. I have seen other online exercise instructions. The big difference is that the images are stills and there is a link to a YouTube channel if one wants to track down a video. Not nearly as cool and easy as this system.

Features you want

Web dashboard features Free with account
Create exercise plans for all your patients
Customize the prescribed reps/sets/hold info per exercise
Provide comments per exercise
Provide an overarching reminder message to each patient
Retrieve and update a patient program with ease
Search for existing patient plans by patient name
Search for exercises by name
Search for exercises by body part
Send prescriptions to multiple patient email addresses
Capture patient email addresses
No restrictions on the number of video viewings
No restrictions on the number of staff member accounts
Change staff passwords dynamically
Print a beautiful copy of a plan
Delete a patient plan